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A new idea for sharing information and views across our community.

Feel free to share your ideas on what it could contain to help improve our community.

Sharon replied 3 months ago

LBH's Vision for Feltham

You'll find LBH's current vision for Feltham on the council website and also the portal to allow you to comment and respond to their vision.

The Vision Document

Your Response Portal

Perhaps you'd like to respond to the various proposals... (More)


How could we make best use of this site?

Trying to offer something Facebook doesn't, and we should be able to do that because we have other ways to display information that you can't do on Facebook. What ideas do you have for the best use we could make... (More)


Feltham and Bedfont Litter Pickers

Great new group has been setup with people already litter picking on their exercise time, but with plans to organise larger scale litter picks in the future as restrictions allow.

If you'd not joined the group so far why not... (More)


Can you help the Friends of Feltham Green?

The friends of Feltham Green are currently fundraising to be able to buy new specially designed planters to go around the War Memorial area. These planters will be specially commissioned to reflect the importance of the site, and will be... (More)